• Wrestler of Philippi

  • A provocative tale of the early Christians, The Wrestler of Philippi draws us close to the ones who walked in the same places and at the same time as Jesus - the One whom this new sect of Christians claimed to be God.

    Meet Hector, the well-trained and much-respected Olympic athlete whose unmatched skill threatens the unrivalled superiority of the Roman leaders, as well as Lydia and Salome, the apostle Paul, the Emperor Claudius, Agrippina, and amusement-loving Nero among others.

    Here is a story of Rome's staggering contrasts - extreme poverty amidst the wildest extravagance; treacherous dungeon life in darkness and chains amidst the splendors and amusements of luxurious court life. This dramatic unfolding of The Wrestler of Philippi will grip your heart as you experience the true test of loyalty and the triumph of faith!

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