• What Hearts


    Straight A's and an Empty House
    The day Asa wins a prize at school, he loses a home, takes a night ride on a roller coaster, and finds out that life doesn't always run on tracks.

    The Variety Show
    Asa's a lone operator, but he's needed on his friend's team - to recite a poem that's about as real as the sunshine in cigarette commercials.

    Playing with the Quik-E-Freeze Cool Guys
    Seven moves in three years, and now Asa can't have the room he wants in his new house. His fake dad's a bully, Asa knows everything, and baseball's a great way to act it all out.

    How to Say I Love You, Too
    His mom's back, and Asa's looking down the road again, wondering if his life will stand still long enough for him to risk falling in love...

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