• Violet in Bloom

  • At the beginning of fifth grade, Violet, Katie-Rose, Camilla, and Yasaman were four girls with little in common but their flower names. Fast forward one adventure-filled month - zwoom! - and they're BFFs. Or rather, FFFs: flower friends forever, determined to use their flower power to make the world a better place.

    The enemy? The nasty Cheezy D'lites served for morning snack at their school. The good guys? Them, of course! Their plan? Well... they don't exactly have one, thanks to all the icky-sticky things that keep getting in their way.

    An annoying classmate tries to break up Katie-Rose and Yasaman. Milla accidentally does something awful to her crush. And Violet is freaking out because creepy Cyril keeps staring at her and then scribbling away in his mysterious journal.

    With so many troubles raining down on them, will the flower friends wilt? No way! Because sure, life can be hard, but true friendship will see a girl through. That's the beauty of flower power: It makes every girl bloom.


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