• torch red

  • Truecolors - book 3

    Zoe is certain she's the only teenager on the planet who's still a virgin - okay, except for maybe abstinence princess Casey Renwick. The talk in the locker room makes sex sound so great - and maybe it is - but Zoe isn't so sure. The new girl in school, Shawna Frye, has done it, although she's the one girl who doesn't say much about it.

    When jock-boy Justin Clark asks Zoe out, she wonders if he could finally be the one. Nate, a die-hard Christian and real friend, encourages Zoe to consider exactly what it all means before she makes a life-defining decision. Behind the scenes, Shawna's dark secret threatens to change everyone's perspective on sex. But will Zoe find out before it's too late?

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