• The Encore

  • Becoming Beka: Book 5

    Life is never easy.  Or simple.

    Beka's senior year is in full swing when she finds herself at the center of a controversy that threatens to get a popular teacher fired.  Of course, Mai is probably behind it all.  She's still determined to make Beka's life miserable.

    But Beka has bigger problems than Mai.  Her sister is acting aloof.  Her dad seems really worried about something at work.  Gabby is going to be her stepmom.  And Beka is still thinking about Josh.  He's away at college, but says he wants to get to know her better.  What does that really mean?

    Thank goodness for Mark.  He always seems to be around with a shoulder to cry on.  Then again, he's also always leaning in for a kiss.  Could she really have a future with him?  And what does the future hold anyway?  College seems likely until a whirlwind trip to LA opens the door to a whole new world of opportunity in the music industry.

    Nothing is easy or simple in Beka's world.  But one thing's for sure.  As she tries to pick out melodies - on her guitar and in her life - she also wants to keep her ears open to what God has to say.

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