• Take It to Your Seat Centers: Common Core Math Grade 5

  • Help your fifth graders master key math skills, and provide differentiated math practice through fun, hands-on activities in these 12 centers. Each full-color center focuses on a skill from a Common Core State Standards math domain, such as numbers and counting, operations, measurement and data, geometry, probability, and math vocabulary.
    The easy-to-assemble centers are stored in pocket folders, making them easy to use at a table, desk, or quiet area in the classroom. After a teacher or classroom aide models how to use a center, students can complete the activity independently, in pairs, or with the teacher, who may use the task to informally assess a student’s understanding.
    Each of the 12 centers includes:

    • full-color center mats and task cards
    • an overview with lesson objectives
    • a student direction page that explains the center activity
    • a response form or written practice activity
    • a center checklist to record each student’s progress
    Take It to Your Seat: Common Core Math Centers has been updated to address the new advanced standards and provides:
    • an increase in the variety and complexity of activities to practice each skill in alignment with Common Core State Standards.
    • leveled tasks within some centers so that tasks progress in difficulty.
    • an illustrated math concept or rule for every center to support visual learners and keep the focus on the targeted math concept or skill.
     The 12 centers cover the following fifth grade math skills:
    Numbers and Counting
    • Generate number patterns that follow given rules
    • Identify prime and composite numbers
    • Compare decimals to the thousandths place, using greater than, less than, and equal to symbols
    • Build fluency with multiplication and division facts from 6 through 12
    • Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators
    • Use the four operations to solve real-world multistep word problems
    Measurements and Data
    • Convert units of length and capacity within measurement systems (U.S. customary and metric)
    • Display and interpret data on a line plot
    • Find the range, mean, median, and mode in sets of numbers
    • Measure the volume of a rectangular prism by counting unit cubes and by applying the formula V = l x w x h
    • Compute probability for simple chance events
    Math Vocabulary
    • Extend understanding of math vocabulary
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