• Take It to Your Seat Centers: Common Core Language 5

  • Fifth-grade students will master standards-based language and vocabulary skills through engaging hands-on center activities. Each of the 11 centers focuses on one skill aligned to grade 5 Common Core language standards in a format that is accessible and motivating for all types of learners.
     These portable language centers help teachers to:

    • support kinesthetic and visual learners
    • provide differentiated practice of language and vocabulary skills
    • offer a quality center activity
    • review or reinforce skills
    • informally assess a student’s understanding of concepts
    The 11 centers cover the following Conventions of Standard English and Vocabulary Acquisition and Use skills:
    • Identifying conjunctions and explaining their functions in sentences
    • Identifying prepositions and explaining their functions in sentences
    • Identifying interjections and explaining their functions in sentences
    • Using the perfect verb tenses (past, present, and future) to complete sentences
    • Using verb tense to express time, sequence, state, and condition
    • Using correlative conjunctions in sentences
    • Explaining why sentences are punctuated correctly or incorrectly and using punctuation to separate items in a series
    • Using context as a clue to the meaning of a word
    • Identifying Greek and Latin roots and their meanings in words, and using words with Greek and Latin roots in sentences
    • Identifying Greek and Latin affixes and their meanings in words
    • Identifying similes and metaphors, and interpret them in context
    Each easy-to-assemble center provides a hands-on activity with a written practice activity, as well as:
    • correlations and targeted skill
    • full-color center mats and task cards
    • an overview with lesson objectives
    • a student direction page that explains the center activity
    • a center checklist to record each student’s progress
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