• Swept Away

  • Scenarios 2-in-1

    High Stakes

    What Would You Do?

    Cheating for a good reason is okay, isn't it?

    Seniors and best friends, Amber and Brittany, are neck and neck in a good-natured competition for a car being given away by a local business.  The winner? Whoever maintains straight As without being absent one day during the school year. When Amber cheats on her final exams to win the car and Brittany gets blamed for it, Amber is torn. Will she let her friend take the fall? Or will she admit she cheated and face the consequences? What will Amber do?

    Essence of Lily

    How far is too far?

    Sophomore Lilly Armstrong is always looking for ways to escape the confines of her unhappy home.  She "invents" youth group activities just so she can hang out with her boyfriend, Jason - the only one in Lilly's life who makes her feel special. When Jason convinces Lilly to lie to her parents about a church overnighter so she can stay at his house while his parents are out of town, how far will she let things go? What will Lilly do?

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