• Sockeye Salmon Odyssey

  • This children’s book tells the story of sockeye salmon of British Columbia through their lifecycle and travels—truly an odyssey, or “long series of wanderings and adventures, especially when filled with notable experiences and hardships”. It’s for parents, grandparents, teachers, etc. to read with kids age 6–12. It’s multi-disciplinary, covering science, arts, vocabulary, numbers, graphs, map-reading, and more.

    It’s for active reading, with questions to ask, answers to fill in, and pages to colour and add detail. It’s jam-packed, to save paper and trees, using FSC 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Senior salmon experts, David Levy and Don Lawseth, vetted this book and gave enthusiastic thumbs-up. Don even said that he learned some things!

  • $14.95

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