• Skill Sharpeners Science Grade K

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    Build your kindergartner’s understanding of physical, life, and earth science with this full-color activity book! Songs, rhymes, and hands-on projects will motivate your child to learn science concepts that are based on the most current science standards.
    Each lesson focuses on one science concept and provides engaging activities to help young students learn basic science concepts. 
    Kindergarten topics cover:
    Physical Science

    • Size and Shape
    • Position
    • Solid and Liquid
    • Liquid and Gas
    • Magnets
    • Wheels
    • Motion
    Life Science
    • Living or Nonliving?
    • Parts of the Body
    • Trees
    • Parts of a Plant
    • Animal Parts
    • Life Cycles
    • Animal Babies
    • Homes and Habitats
    Earth Science
    • Land and Water
    • Rocks
    • Day and Night
    • Four Seasons
    • Weather
    Ideal for practice at home and classroom enrichment, Skill Sharpeners: Science:
    • helps children learn science concepts in a memorable way through songs and rhymes
    • provides practice of reading readiness skills
    • offers striking photography and scientific illustrations to help children connect science to the real world
    • is based on Next Generation Science Standards and state science standards
    • includes an answer key
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