• Risky Business

  • Scenarios 2-in-1


    When Molly Jacobs gets hired at Magna - the ultimate girls' clothing store - her friends, and even the popular girls in school, are envious. But when Molly's friends ask her to do something that she knows could compromise her job at the store, she is faced with either doing the right thing or caving in to the pressure and facing the potential consequences. What will Molly do?

    Making Waves

    Sophomore Kate Walker has decided to try something new this year.  She secures a spot on her schools' swim team - but soon becomes obsessed with practice and making it through the championships with flying colours. When Kate's teammates encourage her to do something illegal to get through her events at the championship swim meet, she is faced with choosing to do what she knows is right or risking it all and facing the potential consequences. What will Kate do?

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