• Parvana's Journey

  • Parvana's Journey continues the story begun in The Breadwinner, Deborah Ellis's phenomenally successful children's novel set in Afghanistan. Parvana, who disguised herself as a boy to feed her family in The Breadwinner, is now 13. She and her ailing father have been searching the war-torn Afghan countryside for her mother and three siblings, with whom they lost contact after the northern city of Mazar fell to the ruling Taliban. As this gripping sequel opens, Parvana's father has suddenly died and she is completely on her own for the first time. She can't even trust the kindness of strangers for fear that they will discover the secret of her gender.

    Intended for mature middle readers, Parvana's Journey describes a courageous girl's efforts, in the face of bombs, land mines, and near starvation, to reunite with her remaining family members. On her long and frighteningly aimless walk across Afghanistan, Parvana picks up several strays--a baby left behind in a village raid, a one-legged boy hiding out in a cave, and Leila, the eccentric nature child whose innocent faith results in the novel's most tragic and disturbing moments. Parvana's evolving love for this substitute family forms the heart of a eloquently written and poignant tale about the children of war.

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