• Oh Baby

  • Diary of a Real Payne book 3

    A new little Payne has arrived!

    ...in the form of a roly-poly package of pudge with bright eyes, a sparkling smile, and a head full of can't-be -controlled hair. The Payne family's decision to adopt this cute, cooing bundle of joy is just what EJ needs to add even more excitement to her  already-adventurous life!

    In true sisterly fashion, EJ can't wait to teach baby Faith how to be amazing at everything - just like her big sis - but she's not sure she can get past Faith's horrible howling and disgusting diapers. (Hey, Isaac's still the Space Invader, but at least he's potty trained.)

    From swim class (EJ is sure she'll be the next Olympic champion!) and getting her babysitting certification (taking care of babies isn't for wimps!) to leading an army of ninjas (okay, maybe just in her head) and preparing for the biggest starring role of her  life, EJ might just find some unexpected help in some unexpected places.

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