• Nonfiction Writing Grade 4

  • Focused instruction on important nonfiction writing forms!
    Help your grade 4 students practice nonfiction writing skills with guided instruction using the models and activities in Nonfiction Writing, Grade 4.
    16 units cover the following nonfiction writing skills:

    Expository Writing

    • Writing a Summary - Writing a Topic Sentence, Marking Up an Article, Paraphrasing, Organizing a Summary
    • Writing a Descriptive Essay - Using Sensory Details, Using Figurative Language, Using Precise Language, Writing Topic Sentences
    • Writing a How-to Essay - Writing an Introduction, Giving Clear and Specific Directions, Organizing Instructions
    • Writing a Cause-and-Effect Essay - Writing to Show Cause and Effect, Organizing a Cause-and-Effect Essay, Adding Details
    • Writing a Compare-and-Contrast Essay - Writing to Compare and Contrast, Writing Topic Sentences, Organizing Details, Balancing Details
    • Writing a Biography - Including Biographical Details, Organizing Details, Writing Topic Sentences, Removing Unnecessary Details
    • Writing a News Article - Answering the 5Ws and H, Writing Good Leads, Organizing a News Article, Using Precise Language
    • Writing a Response to Literature - Summarizing the Story, Answering the Prompt, Marking Up the Story, Using Details from the Story
    • Writing a Research Report - Writing Topic Sentences, Asking Research Questions, Taking Notes, Writing an Outline, Using an Outline to Write, Paraphrasing, Quoting, Writing Introductions and Conclusions, Listing Sources

    Persuasive Writing

    • Writing a Persuasive Letter - Forming Opinion Statements, Including Reasons and Details, Choosing Your Tone
    • Writing a Persuasive Essay - Writing an Opinion Statement, Including Reasons and Examples, Writing Good Leads, Writing Conclusions
    • Writing a Review - Including Important Information, Supporting Your Opinion, Using Your Own Voice
    • Writing an Editorial - Stating the Issue, Addressing Other People’s Arguments, Writing a Call to Action
    • Writing a Problem-Solution Essay - Stating the Problem, Choosing the Best Solution, Supporting the Solution

     Narrative Writing

    • Writing a Personal Narrative - Evaluating a Topic, Including Details About the Topic, Writing Sensory Details, Writing Transition Sentences
    • Writing Creative Nonfiction - Writing a Creative Topic Sentence, Using Figurative Language, Including Strong Verbs and Adjectives, Creating a Mood
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