• Nonfiction Reading Practice Grade 1


  • Nonfiction Reading Practice, Grade 1 contains 20 topics in the following content areas:

    • social studies—history, the library, maps, Pocahontas, and pyramids
    • science—animal habitats, matter, Neil Armstrong, thermometers, and the sun
    • health & safety—bike helmets, Dr. Jonas Salk, and washing hands
    • mathematics—money, time, and calendars
    • the arts—cave art, folk music, houses, and puppets

    Each unit contains:

    • a teacher resource page that introduces the topic and lists suggested vocabulary to introduce for each article
    • a visual aid that presents the topic graphically to the entire class
    • three articles on the same topic, but at three different reading levels
    • three accompanying comprehension/vocabulary worksheets

    Graphic organizers and a reading strategies checklist are provided for teacher and student use. An answer key is included.

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