• moon white

  • Truecolors - book 11

    When new girl Liz moves in on Heather Sinclair's boyfriend and her coveted lead in the ballet, Heather's life goes haywire.  Searching for ways to bring her problems under control, she explores the traditions of Wicca.

    Heather's curiosity brings new confidence and reassurance but alienates her from others, including her best friend, who writes her off as a witch.  Even so, this enchanting path seems harmless, even helpful.

    But when terrifying things begin to happen that Heather can't explain, it becomes clear that she has less control over her world than ever before.  Tugged between fear and hope, Heather puts herself in unexpected danger that leads her to the lowest point of her life.  There, however, she uncovers an unknown secret about her deceased mother and meets a compassionate stranger who leads her on a quest she never could have imagined.

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