• Luv Ya Bunches

  • It''s the beginning of fifth grade, when anything can happen, and a first-day disaster just might blossom into something sweet for four very different girls.

    First there's new girl Violet, who asks for directions.

    Then there's goofball Katie-Rose, who gestures a little too enthusiastically.

    Then there's quiet Yasaman, who passes by at the wrong moment.

    And then there's popular girl Milla, who takes a spectacular tumble, along with the precious contents of her backpack.

    How her lucky bobble-head turtle goes missing, and then ends up as part of a sinister plot devised by queen bee Medusa - er, Modessa - to frame one of the girls, is all part of a  BIG MESSY MESS the four must get to the bottom of together. Along the way, it may turn out that four "flowers" add up to something pretty wonderful: friends.

    HSC Note: Flower Power stickers not included, but book in excellent condition

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