• HyperLinkz Book 5: Hack Attack

  • Using the strange digital camera that takes them inside the Internet, Austin and Ashley Webster slip into the World Wide Web - this time to get ideas for Ashley's art project.  But their simple research trip turns into a battle for survival when a hacker-launched computer virus comes after them.  Suddenly, everything from the Vesuvius volcano to the moons of Jupiter start to blow up in their faces!

    The real trouble, though, happens back home when Austin is suspended for trashing a new mural at school.  Could Austin really do such a thing?  Or could there be a connection between the Internet hacker and the mystery troublemaker back home?  When all the evidence seems to point to her brother, it's up to Ashley to lead a wild online hunt for the truth - and launch an all-our rescue mission to clear Austin's name.

  • $7.95

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