• HyperLinkz Book 3: Web Jam

  • Who's the star of THIS show?  Austin and Ashley Webster are about to find out when they're sucked inside the musical side of the crazy, confusing World Wide Web.  It's all thanks to Austin's laptop computer and a strange digital camera he picked up at a garage sale.  But their timing couldn't be worse: Ashley is just about to sing in the state "Greatest Young Vocalist" finals.

    Never mind the advice from their Aunt Jessica and so-called "help" from Tucker Campbell - who'll do just about anything to win the finals.  Austin and Ashley stumble deeper than ever into the Web, bouncing from one music-linked Web site to the next.  Can they find their way back home before the competition is history?  Or will their newest exploits hit a sour note and leave them trapped in the Web... forever?

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