• Hug A Tree and Other Things to Do Outdoors with Young Children

  • What better gift can we as parents and teachers give this precarious earth than a generation of children who have learned to know and love the natural world? And better still, to help care for it.

    You don't always need a deep dark woods or a sunny meadow to explore nature. Any area that contains a sparkling of plant life can serve as an outdoor laboratory. Children can learn from living things everywhere.

    Each of the learning experiences in Hug A Tree has a suggested age level, a clear description of what will be done, and suggestions for follow-up learning. Special emphasis is placed on using natural environments for learning language, spatial and mathematical relationships, and much more.


    Some of the activities include:

    -Spyglass Treasure Hunt: Close Up and Far Away

    -Garden on a Button

    -Take a Bird to Lunch

    -Talking About Monsters

    -Where Do Things Go At Night?

    -Water Clocks


    HSC Note: 1986 printing

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