• Homeschool Planner Download - Floral Design

    Danielle Robbins

  • This beautiful planner was home-crafted by Danielle, an Ontario homeschool mom, who designed it originally for her own family to meet their needs.  Now she has graciously made it available for your family as well.  Thank you Danielle!  
    It includes the following pages:
    ~Year at a Glance Calendar
    ~Book List
    ~Abbreviation Chart
    ~Weekly Calendar Pages
    ~Field Trips

    *And now you can choose one of four great options!!!  

    With Weekdays (See sample):  This option includes the days of the week across the tops of each weekly calendar page.

    Without Weekdays (See sample):  This option leaves those days of the week headings blank, so you can fill them in yourself, or use the columns for different children instead of days.

    High School With or Without Weekdays (See sample).


  • $4.99

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