• History Pockets: Explorers of North America


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    History Pockets-Explorers of North America, Grades 4–6+, contains eleven discovery pockets. The introduction pocket gives an overview of exploration throughout North America. The other pockets feature ten famous explorers and their journeys.

    Each of the pockets contains:

    • a reproducible pocket label
    • a bookmark of short fun facts about the subject
    • a reference map of the voyage(s) made by the explorer
    • a fact sheet of background information for teacher and students
    • arts and crafts projects
    • writing activities

    Evaluation forms are provided at the end of the book for teacher and student assessment purposes

    The book includes the following pockets:

    • Introduction to Explorers of North America
    • Christopher Columbus
    • John Cabot
    • Hernando Cortes
    • Jacques Cartier
    • Sir Francis Drake
    • Henry Hudson
    • Daniel Boone
    • James Cook
    • Lewis and Clark
    • John Wesley Powell


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