• Get a Clue! 3 Stories in One

  • Join the Camp Club Girls as they embark on a series of clue-filled adventures and crack the case in this entertaining and action-packed 3-in-1 mystery collection.

    Camp Club Girls & The Mystery at Discovery Lake:  What's REALLY going on at Camp Discovery Lake?... When Alexis, Baily, Elizabeth, Sydney, McKenzie, and Kate end up as roommates at summer camp, they soon suspect there's more going on than crafts and Bible quizzes.  Will they put the puzzling pieces together before time runs out?

    Sydney's D.C. Discovery:  There's danger lurking in the nation's capital... Something strange is going on at the Vietnam Memorial, and Sydney and Elizabeth are on the case to make sense of the mystery.  Will the Camp Club Girls unravel the confusing clues at the twilight's gleaming and deflect any danger before the dawn's early light?

    McKenzie's Montana Mystery:  Is there a horse thief on the loose?... When McKenzie and Bailey arrive to help at a horse ranch in Montana, they're thrust into the throes of a Wild West who-dun-it.  Can the Camp Club Girls solve the mystery and save the ranch - and rodeo - for Sunshine Stables?


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