• Dreamstones

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    Those are markers to lead you home," the captain told his son. "People here call them Inukshuks. They say some are as old as time."

    David wondered at the lichen-covered stones stacked in human shapes, but there were so many wonders in this strange land that he gave them little thought.

    Then one night, when winter had gone on forever and no one had seen the sun for so very long, a sharp, quick barking woke David. He turned in his bed and looked out of the port. There, at the edge of the shore, two foxes stood in the moonlight. David climbed down the gangplank and ran across the frozen bay. The animals turned and scampered away. David followed, the foxes dancing just out of reach. At last he stopped. Behind him, the ship was gone. Ahead, the foxes melted into the night. David was alone.

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