• Daily Science Grade 5

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    30 weeks of instruction cover the following standards-based science topics:

    Big Idea 1: Living things are made mostly of cells. Multicellular organisms have different cells that perform specialized functions
    Week 1: Why are bones hard and muscles soft?
    Week 2: Why does skin wrinkle in the bathtub?
    Week 3: What happens if you swallow gum?
    Week 4: How do people give blood without running out of it?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 2: An ecosystem is a community in which every living thing fills a role
    Week 1: Why do earthworms like dirt?
    Week 2: Why do pandas eat plants but polar bears eat meat?
    Week 3: Is the lion really the king of the jungle?
    Week 4: How can so many different plants live in the rainforest?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 3: Water covers most of the Earth's surface. It circulates between oceans and land in a process called the water cycle
    Week 1: Do we really drink the same water that dinosaurs did?
    Week 2: Why don't rivers and lakes soak into the ground?
    Week 3: What makes the desert so dry?
    Week 4: Can we run out of water?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 4: Gravity is the force that keeps planets in orbit around the sun, and the moon in orbit around Earth
    Week 1: Why do we weigh more on Earth than on the moon?
    Week 2: What causes ocean tides?
    Week 3: Why are planets round?
    Week 4: Why don't planets crash into each other?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 5: Heat flows from warmer objects to cooler ones until both reach the same temperature
    Week 1: How does a thermometer work?
    Week 2: How does a microwave oven cook food?
    Week 3: What causes hurricanes?
    Week 4: How does a thermos work?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 6: When a new substance is made through a chemical reaction, it has properties that are different from the original substance
    Week 1: What puts the fizz in soda?
    Week 2: Why does metal rust?
    Week 3: Why do batteries die?
    Week 4: Why can't you light a match more than once?
    Week 5: Unit Review

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