• Daily Science Grade 4

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    30 weeks of instruction cover the following standards-based science topics:

    Big Idea 1: Plants and animals depend on each other and on their environment for survival
    Week 1: Why do beavers build dams?
    Week 2: Why do some plants have fruit
    Week 3: Do all bees make honey?
    Week 4: Where do animals get food in the winter?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 2: Most microorganisms do not cause disease, and many are beneficial
    Week 1: Why does garbage smell?
    Week 2: How do bacteria create cavities?
    Week 3: Are all germs bad?
    Week 4: Is it safe to eat moldy food?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 3: Both slow and rapid processes - from erosion to earthquakes - shape and reshape the Earth's surface
    Week 1: How was the Grand Canyon formed?
    Week 2: Do glaciers really move?
    Week 3: What makes volcanoes erupt?
    Week 4: What causes earthquakes?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 4: The properties of rocks and minerals reflect the process that formed them
    Week 1: What's the difference between a rock and a mineral?
    Week 2: Where do rocks come from?
    Week 3: Are some rocks valuable?
    Week 4: Do all rocks come from Earth?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 5: Electrical energy can be converted into heat, light, souund, and motion
    Week 1: How do toasters work?
    Week 2: What lights a digital clock?
    Week 3: How do hearing aids help people hear?
    Week 4: How do electric cars work?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 6: People invented machines to make work easier
    Week 1: Why do some building entrances have ramps?
    Week 2: What's the difference between a nail and a screw?
    Week 3: How do elevators work?
    Week 4: How does a wheelbarrow make works easier?
    Week 5: Unit Review

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