• Daily Science Grade 1

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    30 weeks of instruction cover the following standards-based science topics:

    Big Idea 1: Living things have basic needs that help them stay alive.
    Week 1: Can a rock grow?
    Week 2: Do monkeys really eat bananas?
    Week 3: Do plants have mouths?
    Week 4: Do fish drink water?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 2: Plants and animals live in many different places.
    Week 1: Where do animals sleep?
    Week 2: Why do camels have humps?
    Week 3: Can a whale live in a lake?
    Week 4: Why do trees have different kinds of leaves?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 3: The sun, moon, and stars are objects in our sky.
    Week 1: What causes night and day?
    Week 2: What do we see in the sky at night?
    Week 3: Why do we need the sun?
    Week 4: Can anything live on the moon?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 4: Different seasons have different weather.
    Week 1: Why is it hot in the summer?
    Week 2: Why does it snow in the winter?
    Week 3: Why are there a lot of flowers in the spring?
    Week 4: Why do some trees lose their leaves in the fall?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 5: Objects can be solid, liquid, or gas.
    Week 1: Why can't we walk through walls?
    Week 2: Why does water splash?
    Week 3: Why do balloons float in the air?
    Week 4: Why does ice melt?
    Week 5: Unit Review

    Big Idea 6: An object's motion can be changed by using force. Pushing and pulling are types of forces.
    Week 1: Why do shopping carts have wheels?
    Week 2: Why does a ball go far when I kick it hard?
    Week 3: Why do cars have steering wheels?
    Week 4: Why do things fall when you drop them?
    Week 5: Unit Review

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