• Daily Language Review Grade 3

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    Third grade students practice language skills covering punctuation, verb tense, conjunctions, word meaning, and more in ten- to fifteen-minute daily lessons. This new edition has been completely updated to support Common Core methodology and skill practice, and includes:

    • Practice of the Conventions of Standard English, Knowledge of Language, and Vocabulary Acquisition and Use for grade 3
    • Using language in the context of writing and reading
    • Increased practice of academic and idiomatic vocabulary
    • Exposure to sentences from all Common Core writing types (informational, narrative, and opinion/argument)
    How it works
    Daily Language Review follows the research-based model of frequent, focused practice to help students learn and retain skills.
    On days 1 through 4, half-page activities provide four language exercises:
    • two sentence-editing exercises
    • two items that practice a variety of language and vocabulary skills
    On day 5, a full-page activity provides more extensive practice of a vocabulary strategy or skill, and gives students the opportunity to practice using the words in their own sentences.

    36 weeks of daily practice activities cover:
    • Grammar and usage
    • Capitalization and punctuation
    • Spelling and spelling patterns
    • Vocabulary word meaning and relationships
    • Using acquired vocabulary
    Features and benefits:
    • Concise daily lessons are easy to scaffold and ideal for daily warm-up, quick informal assessments, and test prep
    • The skills scope and sequence details the skills practiced each week
    • A downloadable skill list and answer key provides an item-by-item list of the skills practiced each day to help teachers identify student competencies
    • Each title includes downloadable home–school connection activities to encourage parent involvement
    • A progress chart and vocabulary log help students monitor their daily scores and keep track of new vocabulary
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