• Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 2

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    Give your second-graders the fun and focused writing practice they need to become strong and successful writers. Thanks to engaging art, topics, and activities, even primary writers can practice the six traits of writing!

    25 weeks of instruction cover the following trait-based writing skills:

    Week 1: Choose a Good Topic
    Week 2: Add Details
    Week 3: Choose Better Details
    Week 4: Stick to the Topic
    Week 5: Review

    Week 1: Put Things in the Right Order
    Week 2: Beginning, Middle, and End
    Week 3: Group Together Ideas and Details
    Week 4: Group by How Things Are the Same or Different
    Week 5: Review

    Word Choice
    Week 1: Use Strong Verbs
    Week 2: Describe the Action
    Week 3: Use Adjectives
    Week 4: Use Exact Nouns
    Week 5: Review

    Sentence Fluency
    Week 1: Write a Sentence
    Week 2: Write Longer Sentences
    Week 3: Fix Run-on and Rambling Sentences
    Week 4: Combine Choppy Sentences
    Week 5: Review

    Week 1: Use Formal and Informal Language
    Week 2: Use Different Writing Styles
    Week 3: Create a Mood
    Week 4: Write from Different Points of View
    Week 5: Review

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