• Church Camp Chaos

  • Diary of a Real Payne book 2

    Join EJ for some colossal church camp fun!  

    Summer vacation is just around the corner, and EJ is more than ready to be done with Ms "Picky" Pickerington, CoraLee McCallister, and the fourth grade.  Hello sunshine! Hello 11th birthday party!  Hello... CAMP!

    It's EJ's first summer to spend an entire week at Camp Christian - complete with friends, bunk beds, games, campfires, s'mores, and even a gigantic zip line.  From dining hall cooks dressed up in costumes (Is that a giraffe from Noah's ark serving mashed potatoes?) to a stickler of a counselor named Gene, church camp is full of colorful characters and fantastically fun things to do.  And, as always, EJ serves up even more marvelous adventures for herself with her vivid daydreams.  Nothing... not even her annoying little brother's appearance for day camp can spoil EJ's fun!

    But when EJ sets out to conquer her fears - some big, some small - will she learn that God is big to handle anything?

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