• Christy & Todd - The College Years

  • Three books in one

    Beloved heroine Christy Miller, along with her friends Todd and Katie, is now in college enjoying new freedoms, taking on new responsibilities, and facing new struggles.  With life-changing decisions in front of her, Christy turns to God for strength and guidance - especially when it comes to her romance with Todd. Although their courtship began years ago, it's only now as adults that they can explore a future together.  Is theirs truly a forever relationship?

    Until Tomorrow

    After nearly a year of studying in Switzerland, Christy welcomes the arrival of Todd and Katie for a whirlwind tour of Europe, all the while looking for assurances of Todd's feelings for her.

    As You Wish

    Christy's back in Southern California for her junior year of college, eager to spend more quality time with Todd - but several unexpected events lead Christy to question their future together.

    I Promise

    Engaged at last, Christy and Todd discover some differences between them that might make married life more complicated than they thought. Will they ever make it down the aisle?


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