• Christian Heroes: Eric Liddell (Curriculum Guide)

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    Based on the book Eric Liddell, Something Greater Than Gold.

    Each Christian Heroes unit study curriculum guide corresponds with the book from the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series.

    These guides provide the Christian school teacher and homeschooling parent with ways to use the book as a vehicle for teaching and reinforcing many curriculum areas including geography, social studies, history, and world missons.
    • Designed for both group and individual study
    • Reflective of a wide range of learning styles
    • Suitable for a range of grade levels and abilities
    • With reproducible fact sheet and maps
    The Christian Heroes: Then & Now Unit study curriculum guides cover:
    • Student Explorations - essay writing, creative writing, hands-on projects, audio/visual projects, arts/crafts
    • Social Studies - reproducible maps, geography, terms/vocabulary, journey tracking, critical thinking
    • Bible Study - scripture memorization, devotional application, spiritual concepts
    • Community Links - meaningful field trips, guest speakers, service projects
    • Related Themes to Explore - missions, current events, life skills, math, government, science
    • Bibliography or Related Resources - books, movies, documentaries, magazine articles, websites
    • Culminating Event - project displays, cultural food, music, and activities, oral presentations
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