• Changing Faces

  • Real TV - Take One

    Stressed to the max in her senior year, Olivia O'Donnell fills every spare moment of her week with frenetic activity. Aiming to be valedictorian, homework is top on her priority list, but she always manages to find time to watch Changing Faces with her best since kindergarten, Jane Broga - at least it used to be always. Lately, Olivia is so consumed by her day planner checklists that the most important people in her life are somehow getting inched out of her harried schedule. To make matters worse, Jane strikes up a friendship with Olivia's longtime archenemy, Aubrey Ainsley. Will Olivia hit  a breaking point when she unexpectedly starts volunteering at a homeless shelter in order to clinch the valedictorian spot? Can she learn to have compassion for others who don't try as hard as she does? And when Changing Faces comes into her life, will it drive a wedge between Olivia and Jane or draw them close again?

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