• Map Book 5 - Exploring Canada's Geography - Grades 6-8

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    Map Book 5 - Exploring Canada's Geography Grades 6-8 by Apple Press

    Maps are excellent tools for developing thinking skills. Maps have a wide variety of applications, their regualr use helps students develop the ability to think at increasingly greater depth.

    The activities in Map Book 5, designed for grades 6 to 8 readers, build on those skills developed in Apple Press Map Book 3 and 4. The topics utilize a variety of thematic maps relating to Canada's physical and cultural geography.

    All maps convey information through symbols. Like key words in a story, the symbols show what is important on the map. Most maps also contain information about direction and scale. A compass rose indicates direction. Lines of latitude and longitude state the position of a place. Knowing how to interpret a map scale - how much the map is reduced in size from its actual size - enables us to measure distance and calculate area.

    As students develop the skills required to interpret map symbols, determine direction and position, and measure distances and area, their ability to use maps improves. Maps then become more effective and useful learning tools. Mastering the skills needed to understand the unique language of maps is fundamental to the study of the geography and history of a place.

    48 Page, Paperback Workbook

    HSC Note: one copy in gently used condition with one page showing signs of erased pencil

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