• Buried Treasures: Uncovering Secrets of the Past

  • Through the captivating images of acclaimed photographer Stéphane Compoint, Buried Treasures takes readers on a worldwide exploration with today's most esteemed archaeologists as they search for traces of civilizations presumed lost forever and ancient animals that once roamed the earth. 

    Mysterious colossal statues found on a remote Pacific island, a mythic bear covered in blue fur, a whole city wiped out by a volcano--these are just a few of the amazing discoveries showcased here. From sweltering deserts to the frigid North Pole to an ancient, underwater city, readers will follow scientists as they uncover the secrets of our past. Whether it's been dug up, lifted out of the water, or reimagined from extensive research, each of these treasures is a testament to the wealth and diversity of cultures that have come before and that have shaped ours.
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