• British Columbia: It's Land, Mineral and Water Resources

  • For Grades 5-8

    This text was developed specifically for the BC Science and Social Studies curricula. It is the only comprehensive resource available which provides all the content necessary to learn about B.C.'s living and non-living resources. And best of all it has been developed in B.C. by B.C. educators and has been recommended by the BC Ministry of Education.

    Students will learn:

    • about land, mineral and water resources; the ways we use the resources and the effects of using them.
    • how we use the land for growing crops, for raising animals and hunting wildlife and for forestry, tourism and recreation.
    • that B.C.'s mountains are full of minerals and how this abundance of minerals makes mining B.C.'s third most important industry.
    • why water is an important resource in B.C. for drinking, hydroelectric power, recreation, industry and as a food source.
    • the uses, benefits and economic impact of BC's resources; from traditional First Nations' to present day.
    • the evolution of the technology used in resource development and use, environmental issues, sustainability and careers.
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