• Augustine Came to Kent

  • A hundred paces from Augustine, the King halted and all his followers closed in around him.  They seemed to make a shield, as though to protect him.  At that Wolf realized a strange thing - it was simply that the stranger, Augustine, standing upright there with the cross borne  at his shoulder, supported by a few unarmed men, was none the less stronger than Ethelbert, King of Kent, on whose hospitality and understanding he depended.  If anyone there was afraid, it was not Augustine and the brethren, facing possible death - it was the King and his court.  For what they feared was the sharpest fear of all - the fear of the unknown.

    It is 597 and young Wolf has journeyed many difficult miles from Rome to the land of his birth.  He witnesses this historic meeting between the Saxon King of Kent and the man who would be known as St. Augustine of Canterbury.  Wold, with Fritha, a Saxon girl, must also face the unknown to see the cross firmly replanted in English soil.

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