• Anyone Can Draw Things in Space

  • Anyone Can Draw Things in Space is a drawing unit which teaches students how to draw many of the things that are in space. These include: a space station, rockets, astronauts, aliens and planets. These drawing pages can be used on their own to create single pictures of the subjects mentioned, or they can be used together to create a large picture of things in space. When I use this in the classroom I have the children draw as many of the different items so that they can fill a 11 x 17 piece of paper. There are many different options when it comes to colouring the picture and there is a lesson plan included for ideas. The first 6 pages are simple drawings for beginner students, and the remaining 6 pages are 3D drawings for the more capable students. This also allows for easily differentiating for a wide range of ability.

    12 pages in total

  • $3.95

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