• A Season for Miracles - Twelve Tales of Christmas

  • A dozen stories from some of your favourite Dear Canada girls. These touching stories of Christmas offer a glimpse into each girl's diary a year after the events of their original diary.

    Table of Contents

    “Lo, the Perfect Plan” by Sarah Ellis, featuring Ivy Weatherall from A Prairie as Wide as the Sea.

    “The Keepsake Box” by Sharon Stewart, featuring Angélique Richard from Banished from Our Home.

    “Stirring Up a Storm” by Julie Lawson, featuring Kate Cameron from A Ribbon of Shining Steel.

    “Small Beginnings” by Jan Andrews, featuring Sophie Loveridge from Winter of Peril.

    “What a Blessing Is This Peace” by Maxine Trottier, featuring Hélène St. Onge from Alone in an Untamed Land.

    “Shelter from the Cold” by Carol Matas, featuring Isobel Scott from Footsteps in the Snow.

    “A Home Girl’s Christmas” by Jean Little, featuring Marianna Wilson from Orphan at My Door.

    “An Unexpected Gift” by Gillian Chan, featuring Chin-Mei Ling from An Ocean Apart.

    “Dear Jane” by Janet Lunn, featuring Arabella Stevenson from A Rebel’s Daughter.

    “The Word for Home” by Karleen Bradford featuring Mary Macdonald from With Nothing But Our Courage.

    “A Night to Rejoice” by Barbara Haworth-Attard, featuring Harriet Palmer from A Trail of Broken Dreams.

    “No Room for Christmas” by Kit Pearson featuring Susanna Merritt from Whispers of War.

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