• A Fighting Chance

  • White Dove Romance - book 5

    Ruthie Ryan's relationship with her steady, Sean, takes a dangerous turn when he angrily shoves her out of his car one night.  Confused by his abusive behavior, Ruthie longs to turn to her best friend, Natalie Ainsworth, for advice - but Natalie is in New York, and Ruthie is too embarrassed to talk to anyone else.  What if she's making a big deal out of nothing?  But as Sean grows increasingly unpredictable - even dangerous - Ruthie realizes she has to break up with him.  Will he let her get away?

    Sean Jacson feels like his life is whirling out of control.  His parents are divorcing, money is tight, and his friends from the youth group can't relate.  Ruthie is the only one he can depend on - but the long hours he spends at his job make it tough for them to get together, and the times they do have never seem to go the way Sean wants.  Why can't Ruthie appreciate what he's going through?  Does she have something to hide?

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