Worried about schools closing?

Here are 3 things to keep in mind as you navigate this uncharted territory...

1. DON'T PANIC!  Your kids WILL NOT be ruined if they miss a few months of formal educational instruction.  Take the next few weeks to enjoy the break and make some basic plans.  Nothing needs to be decided right this minute.  Breathe.

2.  KEEP INFORMED.  Listen to the press conferences, read emails from your school board.  Find out what plans they will be putting in place.  Give them time to work out a solution, whether it be online learning or something else.  Wait this out, everyone is in the same boat.  Enjoy the days you have now to relax and do something fun.

3.  If schools are closed for several months, which is looks like they will be, try to implement some of these following suggestions.  Nothing written here is mandatory.  Pick and choose what works for you and your students.  Do as much or as little as you like.  There is no rule that you must follow. 

Focus on the basics.  The 3 R's. 


Read with your kids.  Read to your kids.  Libraries may be closed but you can read online books.  Read read read!  You can read a novel to your younger children as well as your older ones.  

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Engage your kids in some creative writing.  Google some fun writing prompts to get the juices flowing.  

Make up funny stories (orally) with your kids.  Each person says a sentence and see how the story unfolds.  Then if you like, have the kids do some artwork to illustrate the story.  Or a skit.  Anything really.  Just have fun with it.

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Bake with your kids.  Learn about fractions by measuring flour and sugar.  Double or triple the recipe (to learn about multiplying fractions).

Make dice or flashcards to practice adding, multiplying etc.  Make a game of it.  For example:  place cards face down across the living room floor.  Tell your kids to find 2 cards that have a sum of 12.  Or a product of 15.  Make bingo cards and roll dice to do math functions.  

Find a math curriculum to finish off the year.  Math is cumulative, yes, but September will very likely be spent reviewing or learning what was missed.  We recommend Jump Math (Grades K-8) or Dynamic Math (Grades 4-12) workbooks to cover the Canadian learning outcomes.  

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 These are some basic ideas.  The important thing to remember is not to worry or panic. 

If you don't know what they're "supposed" to be learning for science or social studies, that's OK.  Ask them instead what THEY are interested in.  Invite them to teach YOU something.  No rules or parameters needed to follow as they would in school.  Just let them run with it.  The idea here is to engage learning, whatever that looks like, so that the transition back to school in September is a smoother one.

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We sincerely hope these suggestions help ease your mind and come up with a basic plan.  Breathe.  YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!