Prince Edward Island Support Groups

Click the links to find and connect with a support group in your local area.  If your group is not listed here, please email to have it added to our list.


PEI Homeschoolers Talk  Linked to PEI Homeschoolers Science/Heritage Fairs, Art and Craft Expo, this blog is set up for all matters relating to homeschooling on PEI and elsewhere. Ask and answer questions, bring up points of interest, fun, websites, books, ideas, contacts, upload photos, art, projects, written work, anything, from any member of your family.

PEI Homeschoolers Science/Heritage Fairs, Art and Craft Expo  This Fair is open to all homeschoolers, so if you know of any who might not receive this notice, please let them know.  We encourage visitors to come to our Fair to look at the work, talk to the students, to give them practice in discussing their project, and to exchange ideas.