Nova Scotia Support Groups

Click the links to find and connect with a support group in your local area.  If your group is not listed here, please email to have it added to our list.


Nova Scotia Home Education Association  NSHEA is non-denominational and inclusive.  It represents families that have a wide variety of reasons for educating their children at home and use many diverse methods to accomplish their goals.

HEMS Helping Encouraging Mentoring Serving  HEMS is a support group based in the Halifax Regional Municipality, which is located in the beautiful Canadian province of Nova Scotia. It has been an active support group for more than a decade. Although it is often difficult to make time to get together, we believe it is vital for homeschool families to meet to share experiences and resources.

Central Valley Homeschoolers  Welcome to the Central Valley Homeschoolers blog. We've created this blog to help homeschoolers stay connected, and as a place to announce upcoming field trips or other activities.


Homeschooling Capers  Do you live in Cape Breton? Do you homeschool, or are you thinking about it? Do you want to meet others in your area who also home educate? If so, this group is for you. This group is open to all people in Cape Breton who home school, or want to, regardless of homeschooling style or philosophy. Us homeschooling Capers gotta stick together, there aren't many of us :o)

Nova Scotia Home Schooling Events  This is a mailing list for home educators and home learners in Nova Scotia to share news of any events, field trips, attractions, locations, etc., that may be of interest to other homeschooling families in the province. We also welcome news of places you have enjoyed that you feel might be of benefit to others.

Home Learners of Nova Scotia  We are a province wide discussion list open to all homeschooling families in Nova Scotia. Our goal is to provide a means for homeschooling families to network with others and share experiences, advice, and support. We also hope to aid those new to homeschooling and are working to provide some helpful links in the Links section.  We encourage any and all Nova Scotian home learners to join. This group is not affiliated with any official associations, societies, religions or homeschooling ideologies. We are just here to chat.

Colchester County Homeschool Community  This group was created to provide a community bulletin board for homeschooling families in Colchester County Nova Scotia. We welcome homeschoolers from all political, religious, and philosophical orientations however this e-group is not intended as a forum for debate. Instead, the purpose is to share information about upcomming events, activities, meetings, social gatherings, and local happenings of interest to homeschoolers.

Central Nova Homeschoolers  An e-mail forum for those families in the central Nova Scotia area who are, or are planning to, educate their children at home. Our group meets regularly to discuss homeschool issues and to support and encourage one another. This e-list is an extension of our group, where we can share information and uphold each other.