Manitoba Support Groups

Click the links to find and connect with a support group in your local area.  If your group is not listed here, please email to have it added to our list.


Manitoba Association for Schooling at Home  We are a group of homeschoolers from Winnipeg, Manitoba that are working together to help each other make the best of our common homeschooling experience.  MASH is dedicated to creating a sense of community among homeschoolers throughout Manitoba.  MASH actively promotes homeschooling by providing information to the Manitoba homeschooling community.  MASH works as a liaison between homeschoolers and the Government of Manitoba.

Manitoba Association of Christian Home Schools  MACHS is a non-profit, volunteer provincial organization that seeks to connect, support and equip all those who are involved in Christian Home Education in the Province of Manitoba. MACHS also seeks to ensure representation of, and advocacy for home education rights to government and education agencies.


Westman Homeschool Connection  A virtual cafe to unite a far-flung group of families. There is more going on in Brandon and in Western Manitoba than many people realize: swim lessons, art classes, playtime, Mom's Night Out, used curricula sale, and field name a few.  This is the place to look for events, connections, names and resources in Western Manitoba. This is the place to make announcements of local interest.