We have created Curriculum Picks to help alleviate the overwhelm and guesswork as you shop for educational resources for your home learner.  The items selected are secular, meaning they are not written from any religious worldview.  

Please click here to review the homeschooling regulations for your province / territory.

Please note that these items are our recommendations to cover the learning outcomes for grades K-8, based on the BC outcomes.  You do NOT need to purchase everything in each list.  You can pick and choose.  We've provided options to give you some flexibility.  You can also browse our site for other options if you choose.  These lists are meant to help if you feel overwhelmed and need a starting point. 

If you are new to home learning, or feel overwhelmed, we recommend easing into things slowly.  Start off with some reading, writing and a math program.  Once you've settled into a routine with those, then you can add in other subjects like science or social studies. 

Some items in these lists are workbooks.  They are usually open-and-go type resources.  Others are non-fiction textbook type resources.  There are no work pages to complete.  One way you can use these resources is to have your student learn about a topic and do a project on it.  This can be an essay, a presentation, a skit, a poster, or any other fun idea you may come up with.

You CAN do this.  We are here to support you.

If you have any questions, please email debra@homeschoolcanada.ca.


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