This page is for Heritage Christian Online School families.

Q:  How soon will I get my order?

This depends on how you place your order.  We do not ship out orders until payment has been received.  You have 2 options.

1. You can place your order directly on our website and include your PO information in the box on the cart page before checking out.  If you do this, we will submit an invoice to HCOS for payment.  They will mail out a cheque to us.  This could take up to 30 days.  Once payment is received, then we will ship out your order to you.  At this point this option is not available, until this sentence is removed.  Please order through the purchasing department.

2.  You can place your order through the HCOS purchasing department.  You do this through your Encom.  The purchasing department will obtain approval from your teacher, and then place the order online with payment.  We can then ship your order out right away, as it has been paid when it was placed.

Q: Can I receive my order before payment is received if I give you my credit card info as a back up?  

No, there is no guarantee for us that your card will not decline for any number of reasons.  We also will not charge your card and then refund it when we receive payment from HCOS.  

Q:  I want to use up my funding before the deadline.  Will you be able to split my order so that HCOS pays with what I have left and then I pay the balance?

No.  We will not split orders.  We will invoice HCOS for the entire order, and they will either pay it or not pay it.  Please keep your order within the funding amount you have left. 

Q: Do you keep my PO number on file?  

No.  There are too many instances of families switching schools, or having multiple children enrolled with different DLs, etc.  We cannot assume that the PO number you used last time is the same as your next order.  Please enter the full information for EACH order.  

Q.  Where do I put my PO information?

There is a prompt on the CART page, just above the red checkout button.  This is where you put your information.

Q:  I'm not sure how much funding I have left.  Can you tell me?  

We are an independent business, and do not work for HCOS.  We have no access to your account.  Please login in to your Encom to find your balance, or talk to your support teacher, before placing an order.

Q:  Can I add an item to my recently placed order?  

For the most part, no, unfortunately once an order has been submitted, it cannot be added to.  You will need to place a new order.  However if you are doing it within 24 hours of placing your first order, we may be able to accommodate the request.  There may be additional shipping charges if the item is heavy.

Q:  Do I need to place separate orders for each of my children?

No, you can place one order and include more than one PO number in the box provided.  We will include all PO numbers on the invoice.  

Q:  Can I return an item I no longer need?

We will accept returns up to 14 days from the date of the order.  The item must be in NEW condition.  If you need to ship the item back to us, the shipping costs are yours to bear.  There is a 10% administration fee, and the refund will go back to HCOS once we've received the item and deem it is resellable.  Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are NOT accepting any returns, until this sentence has been removed.