Gently Used Program

Unfortunately we are not taking any gently used items at the moment.  But you are invited to post them on our marketplace by clicking on the marketplace heading.  It's free to create an account and free to post items for sale.  Fees only apply when items are sold. 

Many of the products you see on our site come from you, our fellow homeschoolers. 

In the past, we have taken these items in on a consignment basis.  But we are changing things up.  Instead of taking them in on consignment, we are now going to offer cash or credit incentives up front. 

Here is how it will work.

You set up an appointment by emailing with a suggested time that you would be able to drop off.  We will call or email back to confirm date and time that works for both of us. Once you've dropped off, please allow 48 hours for us to look through your books, and decide which items we would like to purchase.  Then, we will contact you to come back and pick up the items we decide not to buy. 

In that 48 hours, we will determine our selling prices (usually about half price of new) for the selected items, and we will offer you a choice of the following 2 options.

1.  We will pay 30% of our total selling price in cash when you pick up your remaining items after 48 hours.


2.  We will give you an in-store credit of 40% of our total selling price to use towards future in-store purchases.  These purchases must be done in the store, not online, as you will need to bring your credit receipt with you.

Please keep this list for your reference as you gather up your items.

 Items we will accept……

  • Workbooks that have not been written in
  • Non-Fiction Books
  • Textbooks and Answer Keys
  • Early Readers and Storybooks
  • Chapter Books / Novels for Children and Teens
  • Parent Resources
  • CD/DVD based curriculum

Items we will not accept……

  • Worksheets
  • Binders
  • Books that have been significantly altered with pencil, pen, marker, scissors, water, coffee, etc.
  • Books with missing or torn pages
  • Encyclopedia sets
  • Heavy coffee table books
  • CDs, DVDs (unless part of a curriculum program)
  • Cassette Tapes, VHS Video Cassettes
  • Oversized Board Games, puzzles, kits, posters (too costly to ship large, smaller ones OK if educational)
  • Library Discarded books
  • Material from Switched On Schoolhouse, Donna Ward, and Rosetta Stone 
  • Teacher Guides to sets where the Workbook has been consumed.
  • Outdated Materials that were published more than 8-10 years ago, unless there have not been updates since the publishing dates, and they are still available new today (ex. we have taken in Saxon original editions, and Exploring Creation original edition sets even if printed many years ago.
  • Bob Jones University Press and A Beka materials

 These lists are not exhaustive.  If you have any items that don't fit the above descriptions, or you are not sure, bring them along and we will have a look.

 Thank you for your cooperation.