Are you creative?  Have you created worksheets, unit studies, activities or visual aids for your own homeschool family that you'd like to share with other homeschool families?  Or have you written a must-read ebook?  Put your creative juices to work, and sell your design online here with us!  Simply download this agreement form, sign and email it to along with...

1.  A Sample PDF file of your creation.  This can be some or all of the pages included in your creation.  The word "Sample" should be clearly visible on each page of your sample.  

2.  A full PDF file of your creation.  This is not visible to potential customers, but it gets emailed to them after they have ordered and paid for your creation.  

3.  (Optional)  An image of your title/cover page.  This is the first image that potential customers will see when they browse our Downloads section.  If you don't send us one, we will simply use the first page of your full PDF file as the cover image.

Happy Creating!!!

In the meantime, check out our current selection of downloadable content by clicking on our Downloads button.