We understand that it's hard to shop online for books when you can't see inside the books.  So we want to be your personal shopping guides.  

You can book a 1 hour appointment with us, and we will meet with you on Zoom to walk through products you are interested in.  

Is there a cost to book an appointment?

No, this is a free service!

What about non-book items?  Can we see those too?

We can also show you other products like science kits, but they come sealed so we cannot open those unfortunately.  Usually the contents are illustrated on the back of the box so we can show you that.  

How can I make the most of my appointment?

We recommend you spend some time browsing our website before your appointment, and make notes about the items you want to see.  Also make notes about any questions you want to ask.  

Should I meet on a phone or laptop?

We recommend you use a laptop if that is an option.  Or even a tablet.  The larger screen means you can see more detail clearly.  

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment, please email wendy@homeschoolcanada.ca.

On the morning of the appointment, we will send you a zoom link invitation.