BC Support Groups

Click the links to find and connect with a support group in your local area.  If your group is not listed here, please email support@homeschoolcanada.ca to have it added to our list.


BC Home Learners' Association  BCHLA is a non-profit organization that was registered in 1987 as an umbrella group to represent all home schoolers regardless of their philosophical or religious beliefs. Since inception, BCHLA has been a grassroots movement, involving individual home educators and families. BCHLA was founded to protect the individual rights of parents to choose the home education option and to conduct their child’s education according to their individual choices.

Abbotsford Christian Home-School Association  We are A Non-Denominational Christian Support Group for Homeschoolers, providing a chance to connect, relate, learn, share and grow together.  We exist to encourage and serve all styles of home-schooling families in all areas: Elementary grades, High school grades, Traditionally registered, and Enrolled students.

Greater Vancouver Home Learners  Welcome to the Greater Vancouver Home Learners.  We have listings of classes and activities offered to homelearners in the Greater Vancouver area. We also list many non-homelearning specific classes and clubs called Other Opportunities. We have an up to date list of the local support groups and are happy to add more if they exist! We also list both local and online suppliers for homeschool curriculum and other materials. We also have a section called Homelearning Options which covers the options homelearning parents have in BC, in order to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education.

Victoria Home Learners' Network Association  The Victoria Home Learners' Network Association (VHLN) is a non-profit society created to support home learning families in the Greater Victoria area. Our membership is comprised of families who follow diverse home learning paths – from traditional approaches to home schooling to “radical" unschooling to everything in between.

Heritage Home Learners  Heritage Home Learners was established in the 1980's as a Christian support group for homeschooling families in the Surrey and surrounding areas  The main purpose of the group is to provide meaningful support and encouragement in a Christ-centered environment.  We are an independent home school support group, not connected to any school or organization.


Homeschool Vancouver  A place where Homeschoolers/ Homelearners in the Greater Vancouver BC area can share plans and ideas for local events and resources and help new homeschoolers get started. Non homeschooling issues that relate to family and living in the lowermainland are also welcome topics.

HS Tri-Cities  This list is an off-shoot of the HS-Vancouver list, specific to homelearners who are living in or around the Tricities areas of Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Coquitlam. We also welcome members from Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge.  A place where Homeschoolers/ Homelearners in the Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody areas of BC can share plans and ideas for local events and resources and help new homeschoolers get started. Non-homeschooling issues that relate to family and living in the area are also welcome topics.

Homeschool BC  This list is currently serving as a place to discuss home learning in BC.  All home learning families in BC are welcome, regardless of affiliation or philosophy.  Open, respectful, and tolerant conversation is encouraged.

VicHomeLearn  VicHomeLearn is an inclusive, free, non-directed email list for all Greater Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island families who learn at home. Members can share information about activities and events, connect with one another, ask questions about home learning, and have respectful, supportive conversations about homeschooling, home learning, unschooling, deschooling, parenting, fabulous resources... and so on! Conversations are encouraged and supported.  All home schooling and home learning families are very welcome!

Hl-Sooke  This Hotline is for members of the Sooke Home Learners Group. They are home learning families that live in or near Sooke, British Columbia.

Lower Mainland HS Teens and Beyond  This group is for Lower Mainland/ Greater Vancouver BC parents of homelearning pre-teens and teens- whatever path currently choosing (homelearning, DL's or school). This group will be used for making social connections and planning activities/ classes for/by teens. It's also a place for discussing options for post secondary education and other opportunities available for homelearning teens. We would also like to collect stories of what "graduated" homelearners are doing - post-secondary, following their passions etc..

Golden Ears Homelearners  A place for homelearners in Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and Mission, BC, to plan lessons, organize field trips, post community events, and discuss other items of relevance to homelearning. Families of all types, cultures and religions are welcome. This group is SECULAR; no religious mention or discussion PLEASE!

LHEA Langley Home Educators Association  Langley Home Educators Association (LHEA) is a Christian-based homeschool group located in Langley, BC. We meet every third Monday of the month at 7:30pm at the Langley Evangelical Free Church. (20719 48th Avenue, Langley, BC).  At our informal meetings, there is time to browse LHEA's library and talk with other homeschooling parents, encouraging each other in their homeschool journey.  This group exists to post the LHEA monthly newsletter and share other happenings and events such as fieldtrips, classes, park days and other items of interest to Langley Homelearners.

Mission Home Learners  This group is for all H.O.M.E members. A place to share ideas, give support, discuss curriculum and homeschooling philosophies. We can use this forum to communicate with one another between monthly meetings. This is a closed group designed for home learners in Mission and surrounding area.

PG Home  We are a Canadian non-denominational homeschool support group in BC's northern region. Our Yahoo group is open to all homeschoolers to communicate, keep in touch with one another, and notify homeschoolers in the Prince George region of field trips and other special events.  PG Home stands for Prince George Homeschool Organization of Meaningful Education.

Ignite the Fire  A Christian Homeschool Support Group that meets in Campbell River, BC. We have a wide variety of personalities and homeschooling styles in our group. We have a variety of activities, field trips, co-op days, play days, book clubs and many other support related activities. See group notices or the calendar for dates and places. There are many opportunities for sharing, discussing, and learning and encouraging one another in our home schooling ventures. All activities, times and meetings places are announced through the Yahoo group.

Hope, BC Homelearners  We are a diverse group of Home Learning families in Hope, BC and the surrounding area. Our style is relaxed and accepting.  Some families follow a school-at-home curriculum, some are relaxed homeschoolers, and some are unschoolers. Our reasons for homeschooling are varied, as is our individual faith-belief systems.

Kootenay Home Educators  This list exists to serve members of the home education community in the West Kootenay region of BC, Canada, including, but not limited to, the communities of Castlegar, Nelson, Kaslo, Argenta and the Slocan Valley. The list welcomes announcements about activities, events and opportunities suitable for home-educating families in our region, and discussion concerning issues of legality, choice and access to resources. Buy & sell messages are welcome, provided they are not repeated more than weekly, as is occasional advertising of services, if they concern things that might (loosely) be considered educational in nature.  The list is open to those home-schooling in the region, and those who are considering it for the future or have home-schooled in the past.

Slocan Valley Home Educators  Group for home learning families living in the Slocan Valley region of the West Kootenays. Share information on gatherings, mentors, and more.